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Shunpookan Aikido - United States

General Information


WHAT TO BRING: Comfortable clothes - something that you won't get upset with if it gets torn. Sweats are good, if you have a Keikogi, (Dogi, Gi) bring it. We use plain white Keikogis, please ensure all clothing is clean and serviceable.

ADMIN: We can show you concepts, but to actively participate you will need to sign a waiver, down-loadable from this site.

WHAT TO EXPECT: We start with the basics, how to move, how to breath, how to walk... and work up from there. You will also get a clear idea of why Aikido works.

SPK NC Directions

SPK North Carolina

SPK New York


United Kingdom

Shunpookan Aikido teaches traditional Aikido philosophy and techniques. Founded in the United Kingdom in 1977, it is led by Shihan Brian Burrows, 7th Dan Aikikai

Shunpookan has five dojos operating in the United Kingdom and two in the United States.

SPK Aikido North Carolina was the first branch of Shunpookan Aikido in the United States opened by Sensei Dan Gilbert, Fukushidoin. It was joined by a branch of SPK Aikido opened in New York by Sensei Christian Smith.

Shunpookan roughly translates into ‘Spring Breeze’. One only has to attend a few classes at any of the Shunpookan dojos to realize that this is an apt name. Each dojo promotes a refreshing atmosphere of cooperation, respect and integrity.

Classes are designed for all from absolute beginners to experienced students. Primarily an adult class for those aged 15 and older. Students will learn basic techniques, break-falls, and dojo etiquette. If they choose to, students can work their way through the traditional ranking system. Aikido can be taught to children as young as 12. (Younger students may be accepted after discussion with the instructor.) SPK has a long history of community outreach, we would be happy to do demonstrations or seminars for different groups, schools or charitable organisations.

Stop by for a visit, the instructor is happy to answer any questions that you might have about the school, or Aikido in general.

SPK Aikido schools in the United States greatly value our link to the traditional system established by Shihan Brian Burrows. We encourage international exchange programs regularly hosting students from overseas, and travelling to train at the UK dojos.