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Shunpookan Aikido - United States

Shun Poo Kan Aikido New York.

Modern life in the city is full of hidden dangers, at Shun Poo Kan we teach how to use the negative energy of a would-be Assailant and turn it into a positive force for your own Self defense utilizing their momentum against themselves and places great emphasis on dynamic movement and positioning of the body.

My name is Christian Smith and I hold the rank of 2nd Dan Aikikai, a Black belt Instructor, that has been practicing Aikido since 2000 under the instruction of Brian Burrows 7th Dan Shihan, Head Instructor of the Shun Poo Kan Organization based in the UK.

We also have a branch dojo in North Carolina headed by Dan Gilbert Sensei (SPK NC tab above)

Shun Poo Kan(loosely translated means " Spring Wind ") is a Traditional Aikido school based in Brooklyn, NY concerned with the dissemination and preservation of Aikido as taught at the Aikikai World headquarters in Tokyo, Japan of which SPK and its Instructors are directly affiliated and registered with.

I provide expert Martial Arts instruction at your convenience in a encouraging and fun, but serious environment. I will work with you at a time and place that suits you. Whether in the fitness facility in your building, or even in your apartment if that suits you. Many of our clients are busy professionals whose fitness regimes must slot into their schedules as and when needed.

Aikido is an art that involves throws, joint locks and immobilization's against one or more opponent. Practice also includes the use of the Bokken (sword), Jo (spear) and Tanto (knife) as Aikido is a classical Budo practise is not just physical but also a polishing of the spirit.

Learn valuable highly effective and efficient Self-defense techniques refined over 100's of years, that do not require the use of any physical strength but instead rely on anatomical weak points and superior angles, so even the smallest person can easily control a bigger adversary so much so, making it the ideal Self defense method for all ages of adults and children. Regular practice has multiple health benefits including improved Cardio fitness, confidence, mental focus and flexibility.

Contact Christian today on (551)666-3537 or [email protected] for your free trial introductory class and learn more about practical self defense skills for you and your family!